Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring comes to Natalie's garden

It's been pretty cold still, but spring is trying ever so hard to come. Natalie's garden is coming back to life, which is nice to see. The forsythia and lilacs are budding, and there are quite a few bulbs popping up. So far, there are just three of these crocuses in bloom. I really love the white with the purple veins. They are so pretty and delicate and perfect for my sweet little girl.

P.S. If anybody knows how to stop whatever animal (squirrel? rabbit? skunk?) is chomping on my crocuses, let me know. Beyond annoying, it is actually heartbreaking for me to see this happening. Last year, we tried sprinkling them with garlic and cayenne, going on the idea that if it doesn't taste good, the critters will leave it alone. Alas, the flowers didn't like it either and many tulips wilted.


Laura P. said...

I with I knew a good critter repellent to protect your bulbs, Beth... but I'm rejoicing that Natalie's garden is awakening again! It is such a special place.

Angie said...

Dear Beth,
I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for your husband's services. Each time I visit and i visit often, my eyes fill with tears and my heart fills with sorrow. You see, now Natalie lives in my heart, too, along with her loving Mom. May God help and guide you ...


Beth Fouser Adamo said...

Angie, Thank you for letting me you know you're "out there." I'm glad to know Natalie's life continues to touch the lives of others. She was an exceptional person and a delightful soul. I strongly feel the world is less good (for lack of a more eloquent way of putting it) without her in it.
Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

When planting bulbs put them in a mesh garlic bag...or surround with gravel....there's not alot you can do once they are planted, I"m sorry to say..