Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabriel

Gabriel turned 1 on Tuesday, May 10. I woke up feeling giddy. Just so happy he is here with us (still) and that he made it to his first birthday. He is such a happy boy. We celebrated just us four with one of Gabriel's favorite dinners - cauliflower, edamame, kale, and macaroni casserole (basically it's a healthy mac & cheese, light on the cheese). He ate voraciously and hummed as he did. I made a really wonderful dark chocolate cake with a homemade vanilla custard and a light chocolate glaze on top. He loved it -- especially squeezing it through his hands and making a mess he can be proud of.

As Gabriel gets older, there are more and more triggers of my memories of Natalie. He is like her in so many ways. They have the same sweet temperament. He is so easy-going. He loves pulling the books and videos off the shelf and dumping them on the floor. And you can't deny he looks so much like her. At other times he looks so much like Roslyn, too.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! Mommy loves you so much!