Saturday, March 21, 2009


What a week it was. Today Roslyn and I slept in and stayed in our pjs for much of the day. We had a leisurely breakfast, read lots of books, and I did some cleaning while she colored and kept busy. Finally, we got dressed for a visit to the playground where Roslyn was thrilled to see that her favorite swing, which had been broken for a long time, was finally fixed. She couldn't wait to get on it. Why is it her favorite? I don't know. It's just the one on the end. In desperate need of exercise, we played tag in the field and then came home so I could make dinner. It was a pretty good day considering the week that preceded it. Talk about intense. The two-year anniversary of Natalie's death really took a lot out of me. The stress and sorrow was particularly overwhelming this year. Now I just feel numb again. I don't really feel like doing much of anything. I am glad for this time to sit and write and not have to do anything else. But now I'm going to have some ice cream...

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