Thursday, December 4, 2008

So much love

At this moment, I feel filled with so much love. I wanted to post a fresh Natalie picture to express how much I love her, how deeply I miss her, how sad I am that she isn't with us anymore. So, here's Natalie. My sweet baby girl. My little angel. My beloved daughter. I love you.

This was taken in 2006 at my 40th birthday celebration. She was radiant in her adorable little halter top outfit. She's pointing to the ball because Dora is on it. There's so much expression in her eyes. She was such a beauty.


Hannah said...

She's beautiful...

Your last post touched me deeply. I am so touched that you are sharing your journey of healing. Many of my friends have read your blog and are also moved and it makes them stop and truly appreciate each moment.

katy said...

i love how the halter top shows off her arms--they look almost quintuple-jointed with those delicious fat rolls.

so lovely.