Friday, May 29, 2009

Girls in pink dresses

This picture was taken May 27, 2006. It seems like ages ago Roslyn and Natalie donned their pretty pink and white dresses to go to their friend Robby's birthday party. The dresses were handmade in Argentina and brought back as a gift from one of Chris's clients. This was the only time they both wore their dresses together. Looking around the rest of the picture, I am taken back to those days when we bought diapers in bulk and they were seemingly all over the place. And there's Natalie's backpack, too. She loved to ride around in it while I did housework. She had a good view and loved to be close. "Back pack" was one of the first words she said and understood. Of course, she said it like "baa paa." Natalie was 10 months old and was learning how to wave. You can see her hand outstretched waving at the camera in the next picture. We were so happy then.


Karen said...

Beth, what sweet pictures of your girls! I don't think I've seen those before. Just darling in their little sister-dresses. What a treasure.

Karen W.

Audrina said...

Adorable little girls!! Their pink dresses are so pretty... Last Sunday, I got a cute baby dress for my niece!!