Friday, April 24, 2009

Socks for Natalie

Tonight as Roslyn was getting ready for bed, she took off her three pairs of socks and handed me the outer pair she'd been wearing, a pair of Barbie socks that barely covered her heels because they are too small. She gave them to me and said, "Mommy, tomorrow I want you to wash these socks and fold them up and put them in Natalie's room.... because they're too small for me." I had to fight back the tears. Oh, sweet Roslyn, what an awesome big sister you are. How I wish Natalie could wear your hand-me-down socks. I'm sure she would have really liked them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Beth:

I'm wondering if you are in a state of dread as we approach mother's day. You are in my thoughts. I still sometimes find myself wishing that time could roll back and the course of events could somehow change so that your sweet baby could still be here. With sadness, Love Kate Bowden

Beth Fouser Adamo said...

Thanks, Kate. I would give anything if that could be happen. Alas, we move forward and so with the world must I. Natalie is still with me as I go forward, just in a different way. I bring her with me everywhere I go. Hope your mom's day was as lovely as you are.