Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sometimes it is too painful for me to look at Natalie's picture. It brings my grief to the surface and it is still so raw. A friend recently told me that seeing these pictures of Natalie helps her feel closer to Natalie. I hope that is the case for other people, too. I know that for me, seeing her bright, beautiful face just magnifies the immensity of losing her.

This picture was taken on February 1, 2007. Such a cutiepie.

Time to go to bed now and check on my sleeping Roslyn.


katy said...

So cute! She was so lovely. I don't really feel closer to her from seeing the pictures, but I do feel more sad, which I guess in a way IS feeling closer to her--she seems more real--seeing all of these different ages & facial expressions & outfits & poses. I am, as always, so sorry she's not here. You were such a good mom to her.

Beth Fouser Adamo said...

Thank you, Katy. I am always so happy to hear from you through my blog. It does make me feel better to know you and others miss her, too.